How do I compile this thing
cd src/tubesock
./tubesock PATH_TO_SWF_FILE.swf
Why the hell would you make a flash player since Macromedia already makes one
Two reaons really.. Because of liscenses and such distros don't ship with it.. and I always had to download flash EVERY SINGLE TIME.. That was a pain in the ass! Second,there was not an already good GPL'd flash player
Isn't it going to take 1000's of hours to make this... are you really saving time?
No.. Not really.. I'm crazy...
Is it too late to get involved?
No.. there is a shit load of work to do in the gui.. and the back end parsing... please help us!
What music should I listen to while developing tubesock?
Hym... Good question.. ATM I'll recommed "She Fucking Hates Me" by Puddle of Mud. Any Everclear song is good. Just about any Incibus song is good. Default Deny ain't bad either
What about a mozilla plugin
That is the plan.. we are working on this right now... Al happens to have the project ATM....
What about a IE plugin
I don't know anything about activeX... but in theory there is a wrapper in activeX for mozilla plugins.. If you know something about this please contact us!
Portability is my top priority.. we are using a lot of glib because of this... I have not gotten tubesock to work on my Win98 yet.. cause I am too lazy to follow instructions on the site on compiling gtk/glib on windows.. if you have accomplished this.. please give tubesock a try and send me a screen shot.. I'm pretty sure it might work
Do you have a spell checker
Yes.. but I have a habbit of making web pages in pico.. sorry....
The Theme of this web site looks familiar
Yea.. I am using Nat's Style Sheet
    a picture of a penguin and a sock