About Tubesock
Tubesock is a GTK/GNOME swf player released under the GPL. Currently the code right now is parsing SWF files, and can dump the contents, and can display some stuff. Tubesock is written 100% in c, and depends on glib2 and gtk2. We want YOUR help! If you want to contribute please email us
July 28, 2002 - Status Update
We have a new logo a la Jennifer. Tubesock is now reading from streams instead of FD's .. that was step one in starting to make it into a mozilla plugin. A nasty bug reading fill styles was fixed.. also a nasty bug in the initial stream reading code was fixed.... Ted is concentrating on making our backends read new things.. I'm going to work on font support for the next week or so.. see how that goes..
July 19, 2002 - Status Update
Good News! Tubesock 0.2 Has been released! Click on the download link to get it! Improvementes include speed control and some seperation of the drawing logic and displaying logic! Get it now! Check it out! and help us out by contributing!
July 17, 2002 - Status Update
Holy shit!!! It is actually doing graphical stuff! Yea!!!! This is tubesock playing draw.swf from drawswf.sf.net. I need a few days of cleanup... then I'll make my next release... but progress is good... BTW.. Ted is fixing up some backend reading/parsing stuff.. and Al is researching how to turn this into a Mozilla plugin.
Jun 24, 2002 - Status Update
I got the DEFINETEXT stag parsing.. no output in swf2txt though... I though now would be a good time to make our first official release. Download it here [tubesock-0.1.tgz]
Jun 23, 2002 - Status Update
I have most of the core elements parsing.. run swf2txt on draw.swf from drawswf.sf.net Al got us using configure and automake! Al rocks! Jennifer did more front end work on swf2txt
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